Dec 26, 2013

Woo Hoo!!! The books just came in! Time to sign them, wrap them and ship them out!!!

Nov 25, 2013

PRE ORDERS are now available  for "Zombie Caricatures, Exaggerations and Infections"!!!
This book is filled with gory zombie fun. Everything from a gallery full of studio zombies, sketch book section with fun monsters, and a step by step tutorial on how we draw these sick and twisted zombies. 
Click on the link below to place your order!!!!

Oct 21, 2013

This convention is where the Zombie Caricature outbreak began!!! Come out and see us at the Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend 2013!

Oct 14, 2013

This is one our favorite conventions. Rock music plus horror. You cant beat it. Come out and see us this year at Rock and Shock! 10th anniversary bash 2013!

Sep 30, 2013

Give us your faces!!! We just want to destroy something beautiful! No better way then to let us draw you as a zombie!!

Sep 16, 2013

Put your big boy underoos on and come see us at the Wizard World Ohio Comic Con! Greater Columbus Convention Center!