Jan 28, 2009

Some Oldies (part 2) Zombie Sean Gardner

Here's one I did about 9 months ago for some self promotion. I was not able to get a great photo of it until now. It's a bit touched up and cleaned up for your viewing pleasure.

Here's some reference shots I took.


Grand said...

This self portrait zombie is a total success !
Grandiose ideas and superbly realized that the "Zombies caricatures" with many findings and morbidly funny... Very good.

m4t3 said...

wow I love yours zombie caricature!!!
it's wonderfoul

Teresa said...

Your works are absolutely STUNNING!!
Good luck with your art!


martinus said...

Really digging the zombicatures.

Pop-Monkey said...

Hey, Sean! I just discovered this little side project of yours via the link in your email. Fantastic idea!
Great stuff -- I can see this being more popular than the traditional caricatures (at least in certain circles)!

Keep 'em comin'!

JoeyCee said...

Great stuff man

manohead said...